Hello world!

Welcome to my world.  The world of Mat.  Yes, my name is only spelled with on “T”.  You’ll get over it.  Anyway, this blog is a way for me to return to writing.  I used to write a lot.  I have many stories to tell, some real and some fiction.  For many years I have been unable and unmotivated to write any of it.  It’s like I have a mental constipation.  There’s a lot in my head, but it doesn’t want to come out.  At least not without a lot of grunting, pushing, and prune juice.  Not long ago, I had the idea for this blog.  In in I will tell the stories from my life.  The tales I will regale you with will be a mix of current events and also those of the past.  It will range from the places I’ve traveled, the experiences I’ve had in the Navy, and random thoughts and philosophies.  I hope that by sharing my life this way through writing, it will cure my mental block on writing the other stories I want to.  Basically, I want this to act as a laxative for my brain to allow all of the ideas and stories to come flowing out onto the paper like butt pee.

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