Chewing My Fat

I am overweight.  I’m sick of it.  Half of my life I’ve been heavier than I want to be but haven’t been property sick of it enough to really do anything about it.  Now that has changed.  To be clear, I’m not the size of a water buffalo and I don’t have my own gravitational field.  I just have a beer gut, borderline  man boobs and a pudgy face.  My muffin top droops and drools to where the “muffin” looks like it had a heroin-induced stroke.

Right now I weigh 240 pounds (not the British currency).  My goal weight is 200 pounds.  I will not be joining a gym, however.  I don’t believe one really needs a gym to lose weight.  You can save yourself the 100 bucks a month, and get off your hairy ass and run.  Oh, and don’t eat crap.  And by crap I mean most American food.

For weight training, I have two dumb bells that I do started doing a routine with.  Afterwards, I take my hairy ass outside for a run.  I didn’t have to pay anyone to do it.  I do the weight routine in my living room and then run around the neighborhood.

For my diet, I’m keeping the carbohydrates low and avoiding sugar.  I’ll post regular updates on how it’s going and also offer more of my insight.  Time to eat a pizza with a jar of peanut butter.


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