Sickness and Health

I’ve been sick the past few days.  In the past it’s been very rare that I get fevers and would only get a cold once a year.  But in the past few months, I’ve gotten a fever or fever-like symptoms four or five times.  That includes this week.  Why this sudden increase?  I noticed that my recent bouts of sickness would follow a night of heavy drinking.  Is there a correlation?

I looked it up on the internet, so it must be true, that heavy drinking weakens the body’s immune system.  It does this by disrupting your white blood cell production.  For those out there that don’t know what white blood cells are, they are your immune system.  They fight off infections and other microscopic baddies that try to have their way with your body.  And don’t even get dinner and a movie first.

So with that knowledge, I have decided to stop drinking.  At least for a while.  I want to get healthy.  I want to lose weight.  Drinking 10 beers in a sitting is a fuck ton of calories.  I hope to be feeling one hundred percent soon.  Once that happens, I will be regaling you all with another tale of my travels.  My sea-going journey that involves a large vessel (the American tourist), jungles, pyramids, and howler monkeys.  Until very soon…ta.


2 thoughts on “Sickness and Health

  1. It’s been 9 days. Still on the wagon? i wish you success and thanks for stopping by my blog. I’ve returned the favor and do believe I may become a regular. Funny stuff here.

  2. So far so good. But tonight will be a test because I’m going to a birthday party. No strippers though, so should be safe. Thank you for paying me a visit. 🙂

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