Weight Update-One

So, it’s been a little over two weeks since I decided to do something about my beer gut, double chin, man boobs, arm flaps, and love of beer.  Aside from being sick for a few days I have managed to lose 6 pounds.  Amazing isn’t it.  I’m not using any fad dieting or expensive workout program.  I just stay away from the sweets, the soda, and the beer.  I am keeping my calories low but not starving myself, and I exercise three to four days a week.   Oh, and I pack my lunches and eat in much more.  Novel concept isn’t it?

I’m not spending my money on some gym membership where I would have to wait my turn for the weights being used by steroid-induced mongoloids.  I do PT and a series of calisthenics with a pair of dumbbells.  Then I run.  Running means cardio, which means burning a bunch of calories, which means shedding the gelatinous jelloflab stuck to my sides.  It just takes patience, consistency, and work.

I think the problem most fat people have with losing weight is sheer laziness.  That’s why they spend their money on some magic pill that promises to vacuum away their lard the same way they vacuum up a large pizza.  Or a bucket of chicken with a bag of Oreos on the side.  Or a barrel of peanut butter.  I would know because I was also like that for many years.  The only thing that truly works in a healthy fashion which also allows you to keep the weight off is what I described above.

If you’re fat and don’t care, that’s fine.  Be fat and happy, and enjoy your life.  Don’t forget to be jolly and deliver presents in December.  But stop putting kids on your lap at the mall, pevert.

So remember.  If you don’t want to be a Sumo wrestler your whole life, don’t spend your money on gimmick.  You know what you have to do.  Keep your calories under 2,000 per day.  Stay away from sugar.  That means no soda or beer.  And get some form of physical activity three times a week.  Whether that be running, walking, weight lifting, or rodeo clowning.  Also think on this.  Having sex also burns many calories and gets your heart rate up.  Fuck for health!


2 thoughts on “Weight Update-One

    1. TDW! Lmao!!

      As a fat gal, I can vouch for you on it being pure laziness! Everyone knows what to do, not everyone wants to put forth the effort. Congrats on your weight loss!

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