10 Questions To Ask A Cannibal

Bath Salts1. Are Mexicans spicy?

2. Do Indians taste like curry?

3. Are you hungry an hour after eating a Chinese person?

4. Do anorexics have any nutritional value?

5. Are the headhunters in New Guinea an inspiration, or are they posers?

6. When you go as a group to a restaurant do you give the hostess the name “Donner”?

7. Do you ever wear a bib?

8. Thighs, breasts, or finger foods?  Discuss.

9. After eating an Irishman do you get a buzz?

10. Do you need a breath mint?


2 thoughts on “10 Questions To Ask A Cannibal

  1. In that sense, an appropriate question could be, “What do you think are the free speech implications of PETA’s use of buckets of chicken blood as a form of protest, or would you rather just eat a member of PETA?”

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