A Long Overdue Update

My classes and grades for Fall 2013.
My classes and grades for Fall 2013.

I was pretty busy during the last semester.  And lazy too.  As you can see from the picture to the right, I took 18 credits in 6 classes during the fall.  Four of those were upper division history courses.  If anyone has taken history courses in college, you know they require a lot of reading.  The history professors love to assign about 5,875,002 books, hehe.  I’m sure you can tell by grades that I did quite well, however, I got my first B.

Foreign Policy, an upper division political science course.  Not to fear, my overall GPA at UNM is still 3.85, which is more than high enough for any grad school.  It’s weird, but I’ve been holding myself to academic standards higher than anything before.  So, when I got this B, a little part of me came down on myself as if my conscience was like my very own Asian parents.  My current major is International Studies with a focus on Conflict, Peace, and Diplomacy and Asia & the Middle East.  By the end of this spring semester, I’ll only have two classes left, which I hope to take in the summer.  With any luck, I’ll be graduating with a bachelor’s degree in August, and then moving on from there.

I haven’t weighed myself in a while.  I had gotten myself down to 220, which is about 25 pounds lighter than anyone in Sacramento remembers me as.  However, the holidays can be devastating with all of that tasty food and personal excuses to consume tasty foods.  Now that the holidays are over, I’ve gotten my workout routine back into the full-swing it was in before.  I am working out five days a week.  I alternate between running 4.5 miles on one day, the next day I will hit the gym for a 20-minute treadmill warmup followed by weights.

Speaking of the holidays, I got a nifty new guitar for Christmas.  It’s an LTD ESP, and April found it for a VERY good price.  Brand new.  Have a look below and see for yourself.  I’ve already shaking the rust out of the fingers by doing picking drills and scales, and learned a couple riffs from Cowboys From Hell.  My next goal is to learn all of Tornado of Souls.  All of it.  Wish me luck with that.

Ain't it nifty?
Ain’t it nifty?

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