Great Music and the Internet

I remember the days when I wanted to get a new music tape (yes, a cassette tape from back in the dark ages) I needed to go to the local record store.  Here in Sacramento that was Tower Records.  I even had a paper route when I was thirteen so that I could spend the extra cash on fantasy novels and heavy metal tapes.  After I had collected an impressive collection of albums from the likes of  Metallica, Megadeth, Iron Maiden and Pantera, everything was in full shift towards CDs.  Doh!  It doesn’t matter now.  I prefer CDs to tapes anyway.  Since then, I’ve also branched out in the genres of music I listen to.  After visiting a renaissance faire I was turned on to baroque and Celtic music.  An ex-girlfriend got me more into celtic music, which included traditional Irish and Scottish tunes.  Nowadays I listen to a lot more than just thrash metal.  My iTunes is still full of an even mix of metal and celtic, which is the majority of it, but I also have some other things like flamenco, and even Mumford & Sons and Shakira.

I know that heavy metal and celtic music are polar opposites in music, but I love them both.  Especially when the two of them collide together.  That leads me to the beauty of the internet.  It is now the digital age and most of the music is purchased online via things like iTunes and Amazon MP3.  I used to learn about new bands and artists by listening to the radio.  I had to rely on radio DJs to act as gatekeepers on what new music I was exposed to.  We all did.  That is  no longer the case.  I find just about all of my new music these days from youtube.  I find these new bands from all parts of the world, bands I would have never found before.  Once I find them, I go right to the iTunes store and buy their albums.

My favorite bands are still Nightwish, Megadeth, and Gaelic Storm.  I wanted to share some of my new favorites that I’ve found solely because of the internet.

But first, some Nightwish.  I mentioned a blending of metal and celtic, or rather celtic metal.  Nightwish may be a symphonic metal band, but they have done a few stellar celtic metal pieces.  Below is, “I Want My Tears Back”.


The next is a band called Eluveitie.  They are from Switzerland and are a folk metal band.  They do a brilliant job of blending metal and celtic styles.  This one is called, “A Rose for Epona”.


The next band is Myrath.  They are an Arabic heavy metal band from Tunisia.  And they are fucking awesome.  Here is, “Merciless Times”.


From Japan, there is a really great band called Yousei Teikoku.  They are a gothic metal band, but the video below is done in a very steampunk style.  It is amazing.  The song is, “Astral Dogma”.


I can’t mention Japan without mentioning Baby Metal.  Only Japan could come up with this.  And it’s brilliant.  Below is one of my favorites from them.  It’s called, “Head Bangya!”


As mentioned above, not all music I love is metal oriented.  I’ve also found some amazing pagan folk bands.  The first one I found is called Omnia and this is, “Alive”.


After I discovered Omnia, I found Faun.  Faun is from Germany and their music is great.  They are coming out with a new album next month and I will be getting it.  Below is a link to their latest video, which they had shared from their Facebook page.  Please check them out.  You won’t be disappointed.



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