Creative Endeavors


This is where I will be posting information on all of my creative projects.  I’m writing a book or three, I play music and write songs, which I’m intending to finally record into some sort of an album.  I even occasionally doodle some silly comics, which I may delve further into someday.  Since human creativity is a never-ending, ongoing process, kinda like shaving back hair, this page will always be a work in progress.


The Cloud People- This is the title to a science fiction adventure I’m writing.  It’s actually about half-way finished.

The story follows a youth, Willum, who lives in a small, forest village.  All he wants to do is become a Pathfinder like his father, not necessarily to make him proud, but for reasons that drive most young males; to impress a girl.  Jessa is already in training to become a Pathfinder, good with a sword, good shot with a bow, and a decent tracker.  Willum learned tracking from his father, but feels he has a long way to go to catch up to the other trainees.

The lives of Willum, his life-long friend, Jossen, and Jessa, are upended when the mysterious Cloud People come to their village in the woods.  They arrive in their strange, silvery flying craft, and then everything changes.  The Cloud People’s arrival is the catalyst for an epic journey, a harrowing adventure that Willum never would have though possible.

Ironically, I got the idea for the story while watching The Walking Dead. The story has no zombies in it, and has nothing to do with the undead, not even Dick Cheney.  It’s just the way my brain works and can suddenly come up with story ideas.  After writing the outline, I realized that I wanted this story to be enjoyed by everyone.  So I decided to write it for a young adult audience.  There are many stories in young adult genre that are very well written, amazing stories that everyone can enjoy.  Harry Potter and Hunger Games anyone?

The Alexandria Deception- This the working title to another book I’ve started.  It is a contemporary adventure, the prologue taking place in Ancient Egypt.  The opening chapters take place in modern times, and involve the hunt for a Mayan relic in the rain forests of Central America.  It’s inspired by the likes of Indiana Jones and Dirk Pitt.  I love history, archaeology, and adventure stories, so this is highly influenced by that.

Blood on the Water- Pirate fiction!  Historical fiction set at the end of the Golden Age of Piracy to be more precise.  I’ve already written characters and an outline for the story, but I can’t write this one just yet.  I realized that I want this particular story to be written in a masterful, and realistic way.  I want this tale to be written as well as the likes of George R.R. Martin, Neil Gaiman, and Patrick Rothfuss.  I am not even close to their level yet, so I decided that I would get my practice in by writing other books first.

Epic Adventure Fantasy- I don’t have a title for this one.  I’ve got a collection of stories with my main characters, and of course, a large world I created.  I originally created the world for my epic fantasy book(s) for a role-playing game, which I’ll be running a Pathfinder campaign in.

Fantasy Comedy Novel- This is another project I’ve gotten started.  A few years ago, I noticed that there wasn’t a lot of humor stories written in fantasy, so I started thinking of jokes.  I created a bit of a world, and how magic works there (or doesn’t), and a list of characters.  I only have a bit of a story outline, but more importantly for this type of book, I have pages of jokes written.

**I’ll always add things to this page and update items, so feel free to check back here frequently.

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